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Winter Blast 2025

Youth Pastors, Parents, and Students, our annual Winter Blast is scheduled for 14-16FEB 2025 in Casper. CYIA Winter Blast is an event for students between the ages of 13 and college-age who are considering or are planning on attending Christian Youth in Action as a Summer Missionary. The event cost $25. Please note that paying online requires a processing fee. Please check the box on the payment screen to cover the additional fees. This covers all meals, lodging, and activities. If you cannot afford the fee, please contact your local chapter, as funding may be available. It is a great opportunity for students who do no know what CYIA is about as they learn about the program, make new friends, enjoy great food, be challenged in their faith, and have a BLAST!! Please contact me today if you are interested, plan to attend, or need more information.


We stay at a church in Casper. Please bring:

1) Inflatable mattress/pad or cot/camp Bed

2) Sleeping Bag

3) Toiletries

4) Towel

5) Snow Gear for Tubing/Sledding

6) Bible

7) Spending Money

In the event of inclement weather/road closures and the event has to be postponed, the alternate dates are 01-03 MARCH 2024 at the same location.

Registration deadline for this event is the 10FEB2025. A late fee of $10 will apply after this date.

Please check the box to cover the processing fee when you pay. Thank you.

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