Camp Good News

Summer time is camp time!  Children attending Camp Good News® experience an unforgettable week packed with excitement, games, friends and getting to know God better.  For camp information for 2014, contact the following for registration and info....

    NorthWest - (please choose another camp below)

    Northeast  (307) 751-5604

    Central  (307) 797-4712 or 797-4713

    Southeast: (307) 631-0164

    Southwest:  (307) 436-5593 or 272-5361

See “Events” page for brochures.

The unforgettable week!

Neither Child Evangelism Fellowship nor any of its chapters has ever been a sponsor of, employed personnel, or had any other affiliation with Camp Good News of Sandwich, Mass.  CEF does operate summer camp programs under the name "Camp Good News" which is a registered trademark of CEF.